Testimonials & Case Studies

Testimonials & Case Studies

Well Care Home Health increases
number of admits by 82% with PlayMaker
Discover how PlayMaker helped Doctor’s Choice Home Care increase referrals by more than 25%
IPR Healthcare System Increased census with the help of PlayMaker’s market data

“PlayMaker is a game-changer. We can see what is happening with each account, and we have visibility into accounts that we weren’t calling on before. We also love the mobile app, and the customer support has been incredible.”
— Stacey Gladfelter, Community Development Specialist, Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice

“We’ve had a great experience with PlayMaker’s sales solution. It has helped us to refine the role of our sales & marketing reps, and we have visibility into areas where we need more coverage. The implementation team was fantastic, and our Client Success Manager has been very helpful.”
— Casey Harris, A&A Home Health Equipment

“We are loving PlayMaker! It makes it much easier to understand and capture what your reps are doing in the field. Once we gained visibility into the market and our own referral trends, we were able to determine where to send our reps. We’ve seen our sales orders grow by nearly 40%.”
— Tana Bowers, COO, Alabama Pain Consultants

“Because of PlayMaker Spark, we now know which referral sources to target. It’s the only solution I’ve seen that offers market data in an organized, easy-to-use format. Our marketing efforts are more focused, reporting is easy, and support from the staff is excellent. Other companies tend to drop you after training, but not PlayMaker. They are there for you.”
— Rodney Quinton, RN, Administrator, Heart & Soul Hospice

“PlayMaker has given us the visibility to ensure that we are focused on the right accounts. It’s an efficient way to track our sales activities, and our sales reps like being able to review historical notes on the mobile app before their next call or visit. I feel that the PlayMaker team really listened to what we needed and took the time to understand how to help.”
— Kim Dansie, VP of Business Development, Community Nursing Services

“We selected PlayMaker for two reasons: it was designed specifically for hospice, and the market intelligence data is built right into the platform. By combining our EMR data with the market data, we know which relationships to focus on and have a better understanding of how the work we are doing is impacting our referrals.”
— Brenda Iverson, Director of Community Relations, Hospice of the Red River Valley

“PlayMaker has provided us with the additional data required to drive business growth. To me, PlayMaker is like a map that enhances our vision for what we are trying to accomplish, and the integrated market intelligence data is the GPS telling us exactly where to go.”
– Tracy Mims, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mid-Delta Home Health Systems, Inc.

“PlayMaker is a powerful, well-thought-out, user-friendly system. From a management perspective, I can see all of the information I need with one glance at my dashboard, and it’s easy to identify trends and quickly respond to any change in referrals. But as much as I love the application, 75% of my satisfaction comes from the support I receive. It’s fantastic!”
– David Taylor, Director, Admissions and Marketing, Ambercare

“We considered at least 10 different platforms before choosing PlayMaker. Out of the box, PlayMaker was closer to what we needed than anything else, and the cost was lower than almost every other system we looked at. From a management standpoint, the ability to know what is going on and who our reps are seeing is very helpful, and the mobile app is helping to reduce the amount of time that our reps have to spend tracking their efforts.”
– Jim Largen, VP of Sales, Med Emporium

“We were using complicated spreadsheets to manage the schedules of our marketers and it was taking so much time. With PlayMaker, I have visibility into account conversations that was not possible on a spreadsheet, and we can review the visit notes with ease.”
– Lyn Salem, Director of Public Relations, Guardian Angel Hospice

“Being able to manage the sales organization’s spending on our referral sources and ensuring that we are in compliance with all of the laws as they apply to working with a federal payer — having that assurance helps me to sleep really well at night.”
– Sharon Gerlich, Vice President of Sales, Total Home Health

“One of our biggest business growth challenges has been equipping our sales team with the right tools to make an impact with referral sources, and we’ve found the solution with PlayMaker. The platform is strong because they have the industry knowledge and sales expertise to deliver what hospice companies need.”
– Brandon Culp, Director of Business Development, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida

“I have used CRM in the past, so I knew that we needed a way to understand what our liaisons are doing each day. Because PlayMaker is built for hospice providers, they understand our business and allow us to take a data-driven approach to working with our referral sources.”
– Grant Brown, Senior Vice President, Care Hospice

“One minute in PlayMaker’s market intelligence data will save you an hour in the field. It keeps us from wasting time, and our reps are better informed when they go into conversations with referral sources.”
– Bryce Porter, VP Sales and Marketing, Sun Mar Healthcare

“PlayMaker is powerful and very user-friendly. It makes it simple to document activities, easily review our notes before meetings, and understand what we are receiving from each referral source. It’s also very helpful when introducing a new rep into an existing book of business. After spending about an hour reviewing account information, they are able to pick it up and go!”
– Sarah Taylor, Coordinator of Marketing Development, Vidant Home Health and Hospice

“PlayMaker allows us to better manage our sales force by providing visibility into what reps are doing in the field. It also helps improve our approach to targeting top referring physicians using the market intelligence data, which supports our goal of continuous business growth. I would say that PlayMaker is the best industry-specific product available today.”
–Marty Benson, Senior Vice President, Operations, Homestead Hospice and Palliative Care

“We’ve had substantial referral growth since fully implementing PlayMaker. As we are able to monitor performance more accurately and measure it, we have seen referrals grow at least 6-and-a-half percent higher than last year.”
– Ed Holt, Director of Marketing, 3HC – Home Health and Hospice Care, Inc.

“PlayMaker has made the lives of our sale reps easier. It also helps us to better understand our market, which allows us to be more effective when managing territories. We have seen an increase in our market share since implementing PlayMaker.”
–Marie Sperber, Vice President Of Business Development and Philanthropy, VNA of Somerset Hills