PlayMaker Spark & PlayMaker Edge

Purpose-built for post-acute workflows, PlayMaker Health delivers the actionable intelligence post-acute leaders need to accelerate growth and remain competitive.

Market Intelligence

Visibility = Competitive Advantage

Access claims data updated quarterly, benchmark the competition and identify untapped referral sources through PlayMaker Health’s market intelligence.

Relationship Management

Right Referrals = Right Revenue

Leverage mobile relationship management tools to engage referral partners AND monitor and measure business development and pipeline growth in real-time.


The Golden Rule = Shared Success

“We succeed when you succeed.” Abiding by this rule gives clients the confidence and support they need to be successful with PlayMaker products and services.


Home Health

PlayMaker Health’s comprehensive post-acute growth platform is the trusted solution for home health providers. With PlayMaker Spark, leadership teams can:

  • Know and grow competitive market position
  • Proactively expand high-value referral relationships and strengthen existing ones
  • Manage strategic sales activities and pipeline performance

With PlayMaker Spark, home health leaders have the intelligence they need to enhance organizational performance and gain a competitive advantage.

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“Being able to manage the sales organization’s spending on our referral sources and ensuring that we are in compliance with all of the laws as they apply to working with a federal payer — having that assurance helps me to sleep really well at night.”

Sharon Gerlich, Vice President of Sales, Total Home Health



PlayMaker’s comprehensive post-acute platform is the trusted solution for hospice organizations. With PlayMaker Spark, hospice leaders can:

  • Identify the right relationships and strategic growth opportunities
  • Build high-value referral relationships and expand referral networks
  • Manage strategic business development activities and pipeline performance

With PlayMaker Spark, hospice organizations expand services, strengthen relationships and improve market position.

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“PlayMaker is a game-changer. We can see what is happening with each account, and we have visibility into accounts that we weren’t calling on before. We also love the mobile app, and the customer support has been incredible.”

Stacey Gladfelter, Community Development Specialist, Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice


HME & Infusion

PlayMaker’s comprehensive post-acute platform is the trusted solution for HME and Infusion providers. With PlayMaker Edge, HME and Infusion leaders can:

  • Diversify service offerings
  • Establish new markets and revenue sources
  • Retain talent with support and ongoing education

With PlayMaker Edge, HME and Infusion leaders can align strategic priorities with data-driven decisions.

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“We’ve had a great experience with PlayMaker’s sales solution. It has helped us to refine the role of our sales & marketing reps, and we have visibility into areas where we need more coverage. The implementation team was fantastic, and our Client Success Manager has been very helpful.”

Casey Harris, A&A Home Health Equipment


Client Success

Technology alone doesn’t drive growth. Post-acute organizations trust PlayMaker Health to educate, empower, and advance strategic growth priorities so they can focus on delivering exceptional care. Client Success is at the center of every engagement.

Personalized Experience

Collaborating closely with sales, the Client Success Team takes the time to understand client needs and crafts a tailored plan for every stage of the process from implementation to ongoing education. Every client receives a dedicated team designed to meet their specific needs, helping them achieve their goals and generating tangible business outcomes.

Data-Driven Approach

Client Success takes the same insightful “measure what matters” approach as the rest of the organization. Based on each client’s specific goals and needs, the Client Success team assigns KPIs that track back to key organizational business objectives.

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