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PlayMaker announces PlayMaker Edge for HME, a comprehensive solution for the entire HME sales organization.

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Know Your Business,

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with PlayMaker’s Leading Sales Solution for Post-Acute Care

PlayMaker’s sales solution provides you with visibility into market data, EHR referral activity, and relationship management to optimize your efforts and achieve sales success.

“Before PlayMaker, we used to run our company on feeling rather than data.”

– Tracy Feathers, Director of Marketing and Fund Development, Hospice of Siouxland

The PlayMaker Difference

PlayMaker’s sales solution was developed by post-acute care industry experts who understand how to address the growth challenges that companies are facing. Our complete solution provides:

Market Data: Instantly identify and target the top referring practitioners and facilities using the most current, relevant, and comprehensive claims data available (including 100% Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Medicare Advantage). PlayMaker’s proprietary data is fully integrated into our platform and refreshed quarterly.

EHR Referral Activity: An EHR integration with PlayMaker delivers automated referral activity for reps and managers, arming them with up-to-date information for every sales interaction.

Relationship Management (CRM): PlayMaker’s purpose-built post-acute solution helps users optimize every engagement with access to referral source profiles, historical call & visit notes, mobile sales functionality for reps in the field, and more.

Gain Total


Are you focused on the right referral sources?

Strengthen your sales strategy and target key accounts by evaluating your agency’s referral activity alongside current market referral trends, patient demographics, readmission rates, quality outcomes, and more.

Optimize Every


Are you going into each meeting prepared?

Build meaningful partnerships with referral sources by understanding your relationship history, agency strengths, and competitive landscape.

Drive Sales


Are you growing as fast as you need to grow?

Benchmark your campaigns, improve sales rep efficiency, and grow your book of business by tracking your results in the market in near real-time.