Is Your Agency Referral Ready? Strategies to Align Your Agency for Success
Presented by Jason Lewallen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Home Health Solutions

Educate your market and

nurture relationships to grow referrals

Knowing which referral sources to target and educate on the benefits of hospice services is one of the main challenges of growing patient census. The lack of visibility into physician-to-hospice agency referral influence can lead to sales efforts and resources being misdirected towards low-potential physicians, with many high-potential opportunities being overlooked.
Now more than ever, hospice agencies need a proven solution to overcome these challenges and remain competitive in the marketplace. That solution is PlayMaker Spark.

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“We we’re using complicated spreadsheets to manage the schedules of our marketers and it was taking so much time. With PlayMaker, I have visibility into account conversations that was not possible on a spreadsheet, and we can review the visit notes with ease.”

– Lyn Salem
Director of Public Relations
Guardian Angel Hospice

Mine the past, monitor the present, map the future.

Through the combination of market data and your agency’s EHR referral activity, PlayMaker Spark makes it simple to identify and target top referring physicians and facilities in your market. Turn your sales process from guesswork into a strategy for success.

    • Interactive heat map highlighting physician concentration
    • Physician and hospital ranking of hospice referral volume by disease category, length-of-stay, and readmit rates
    • Agency market share by physician, state, county, and annual growth trending
    • Physicians ranked by patient volume identified as influencing but not signing for hospice care
    • Hospice agency volume ranking by disease category
    • Physician practice payer mix and Group Practice associations by specialty type

Establish new connections, educate your market, nurture existing relationships.

Deliver superior customer experience every time with easy access to information related to critical referral source profiles, scheduled events and previous visit and call notes.

    • Strengthen existing relationships and build new ones
    • Improve efficiency with centralized account information
    • Optimize sales efforts both in the office and on-the-go

Align goals, assess results, accelerate towards the future.

If you want to grow your business, you have to know your business. Leave paper reporting and tracking in the past and put actionable insights to work for your business.

    • Make smarter, faster decisions
    • Track ROI per marketer and referral source
    • Reduce data chaos and improve pipeline predictability