HME Sales Platform


Leverage Technology to Maximize HME Business Growth
by Jason Dillon, National Account Executive, PlayMaker

Develop and execute effective sales strategies

with PlayMaker Edge for HME

Increased regulation has HME providers looking for ways to do more with less, which means improving both the efficiency and productivity of their sales program.
Built specifically to address the needs of Home Medical Equipment providers, PlayMaker Edge for HME combines comprehensive and timely market data and the provider’s referral data with industry-leading relationship management tools to empower sales organizations to remain competitive and drive growth. 
Here’s what HME sales experts are saying:

“With comprehensive information and visibility into the market, sales teams are more efficient and effective. PlayMaker Edge for HME is a game-changer for providers. I recommend it to all my clients.”

– Mike Sperduti
President & CEO
Emerge Sales

“Too often we hear from members that the CRM options for HME are not built for medical providers. PlayMaker brings the CRM concept to HME in a way that is designed for post-acute providers.”

– Clint Geffert
VGM & Associates at VGM Group, Inc.

Identify valuable opportunities and target appropriate referral sources

Through the combination of market data and your referral activity, PlayMaker Edge for HME makes it simple to identify and target top referring physicians and facilities in your market. Turn your sales process from guesswork into a strategy for success.

    • Interactive heat map highlighting practitioner concentration
    • HME supplier market share rankings by product
    • Practitioner referral volume ranking by product and market share by supplier
    • Practitioner patient diagnosis volume ranking by product
    • Practitioner payer mix

Establish new connections, educate your market, nurture existing relationships.

Improve efficiency and productivity by managing relationships and organizing activities in the field with PlayMaker Edge Mobile for HME for iOS and Android apps.

    • Strengthen existing relationships and build new ones
    • Boost efficiency with centralized account information
    • Optimize sales efforts both in the office and on-the-go

Align goals, assess results, accelerate towards the future.

Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team, improve onboarding, and determine the ROI of sales efforts with HME-specific dashboards and reporting.

    • Make smarter, faster decisions
    • Track ROI per marketing and referral source
    • Reduce data chaos and improve pipeline predictability