Data Solutions Purpose-Built for Post-Acute Care

Data by itself says little. Data that produces actionable intelligence says a lot.
It’s the reason PlayMaker Health produced post-acute software tailor-made to meet the unique needs of home health, hospice, HME, and infusion providers.
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Market Data

PlayMaker’s Market Data provide an in-depth view of the competitive landscape, identifying high-value referral sources and service line expansion opportunities within target markets. The powerful combination of market, customer, and referral data, and reporting features, via mobile and web, enhances sales productivity and provides real-time market data intelligence. With PlayMaker’s post-acute software, leadership can prioritize strategic growth initiatives, rapidly expand market share, and accelerate sales across the organization.

Every customer relationship comes with managed services and support.

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Post-Acute CRM

PlayMaker Health’s Mobile-First CRM combines a robust customer relationship database with in-depth market data via a secure mobile app, giving sales reps instant access to referral and customer intelligence. Sales reps can search and geo-locate prospects within their territory, access 360-degree referral profiles, and input and track sales activities right from the field. Robust sales and reporting provide sales management with the post-acute performance analytics they need to maximize sales activity and align sales objectives with operational ones.

Every customer relationship comes with managed services and support.

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Our clients say it best

“As a multi-state organization with various business units, it was difficult to create a marketing strategy that worked in all territories. PlayMaker Spark has unified our divisions, and we are now reporting on the same metrics for the first time. It helps us recognize trends and where we are having success so we can customize our approach based on real data. Also, the customer support has been outstanding.”

Michelle Matteson, National Director, Data and Contact Software Management, Harbor Light Hospice

“As new competitors continue to enter our market, we understand that we have to differentiate ourselves in order to grow. PlayMaker has helped us to do that. We are now focused and organized, which has resulted in a more strategic approach to relationship sales. We are at record patients served today, thanks in part to PlayMaker.”

Michael Schmidt, Executive Director, Snowline Hospice

“With PlayMaker Spark, we are spending more time with the right referral sources, which has led to a boost in home health admissions month over month. I have better visibility into the activities of the sales team, resulting in more accountability. Our reps love the mobile app and see it as a tool to improve their performance.”

Kris Carter, Executive Director, Aspire Home Health and Hospice

“Prior to PlayMaker Spark, we were acting on hunches. Now we are data-driven, focusing on the A payers in our market. It’s also helped with accountability in our sales team. We’ve seen a 13% increase in our Medicare business in just the first few months on the platform. If you don’t have this, you’re behind.”

Eric Kotitschke, Project Manager, Los Robles Healthcare
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“In today’s highly competitive environment, you have to have every advantage you can, and PlayMaker’s market data has helped us tremendously. We’ve seen our average monthly Medicare admissions increase by 18% since implementation.”

Dustin Delahoussaye, VP of Data Analytics, Nursing Specialties

“The team at PlayMaker Health listens to our needs and helps us address them. Our implementation was seamless, and from day one, the customer service we have experienced has been awesome! Our Client Success Manager is responsive, efficient, and always sharing ideas to help us maximize our investment.”

Leah Smith, Regional Director of Business Development, Rivercross Hospice
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“PlayMaker Spark has been very beneficial. Having visibility into the calendars and notes of my liaisons allows me to provide mentorship, As a result, we are turning more referrals into admits.”

Trudy Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager, ProCare Hospice of Nevada

“I would say that PlayMaker Health is the best product available that is specific to home care and hospice. I like that we didn’t have to do much customization, and the Market Data is amazing. It’s helped us improve our plans for how we approach our market by targeting the top physicians.”

Marty Benson, Senior Vice President of Operations, Homestead Hospice & Palliative Care

“I’m a tech guy and I love PlayMaker’s bells and whistles. It helps us recruit top reps to give them a tool like this. … We would like to move into Michigan and Wisconsin, so from a growth strategy, you have to have the systems to manage your team and your data, and to help with effective communication. If you’re going to grow, you need to invest time and money in technology.”

Tom Jakacki, President, One Home Health

“We had no idea where we stood before, and we found out that some of our ‘loyal’ referral sources weren’t so loyal. Now we can look at our entire territory and know what we should be doing.”

Stacey Gladfelter, Community Development Specialist, Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice

EMR Integrations

PlayMaker Health’s post-acute software integrates seamlessly with over 35 of the leading EMR software solutions for Home Health, Hospice, HME, and Infusion providers. By enabling interoperability across the post-acute care continuum, partners gain the ability to make data-driven decisions, scale smartly, and most importantly, save time and valuable resources so they can focus on what they do best: providing best-in-class care.

Leading EMR Integrations






Complia Health

Delta Health Technologies


Homecare Homebase

KanTime Healthcare Software

mumms Software




Don’t see your EMR listed here? We likely have an integration! Contact us to discuss.


Client Success

Technology alone doesn’t drive growth. Post-acute organizations trust PlayMaker Health to educate, empower, and advance strategic growth priorities so they can focus on delivering exceptional care. Client Success is at the center of every engagement.


Standard Managed Services

Collaborating closely with sales, the Managed Services Team takes the time to understand client needs and crafts a tailored plan for every stage of onboarding from implementation to training.

Premium Managed Services

Premium Managed Services can be added at any time to any account. These services have been developed through years of working with clients and identifying common needs and challenges. Get the most out of your PlayMaker experience with our premium services.